Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always gotten.

Day three
Roque nublo, maspalomas- playa de ingles, and Morgan  saw soooooo much very beautiful!

Honestly there are no words for the experience I have been having, traveling and just being abroad in Sevilla, I am learning soooooo much it is incredible and I am just so happy, every single day is perfection, I am doing everything I want to do and meeting the most amazing people, I have had the best luck with everything I have been doing to be honest, just there are no words, I have made amazing friends abroad, have gone to amazing places. 

Me and my new german friend rented a car!

on the road again

the car we rented

in a small town called tejada i believe where we stopped to get some coffee

view of the city


you can see the ocean from here soo pretty

cave we had lunch at


compare people to imagine the size of the rock

you can see the ocean from there


look at the water

at playa de ingles in mas palomas

sand dunes

look at the sunshine

fruit from cactus we cut off and ate

in a small town called morgan

real houses

we climbed on the roof of an abandoned house and looked over the small city, was really cool

A hostel in the real neighborhood

straight to the street


Sevilla has been treating me soo well, too well, I have some great friends here that I go out with all the time and that I hope to come back one day to visit, just good people, never in a hurry, always so nice, and in a good mood, just living and having a good time, enjoying life, my favorite phrase here is, "no pasa nada", everyone says it here and "tranquilo tia! " and" hooombre, venga!" so laid back and free and just buena gente, i can't explain it so well with words but it's a different lifestyle, something made a lot easier, a bit care free and no worries, I think the rest of the wrld knows how to live like that and in the States we have problems with that because there is always something that should be getting done, everything is on time, everything is here and now and que te tienes prisa, always in a hurry and never just taking it easy and if it doesn't happen its okay. In Tanzania, life was like Sevilla as well, just you do what you can, if not then don't worry it will get done eventually, and that isn't being lazy or irresponsible, in this sense it is being realistic and not killing yourself to get things done or letting life get to you, it's a way in which you are able to enjoy life a bit more, life feels a bit more real here. 

We get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget the important stuff and the things that will matter years from now, that test in school, or powerpoint at work will not be remembered later, its the relationships you have with people and the lessons you learn from others and your own experience, I feel like the US really misses out because it is so easy to lose track and at the end of the day all you do is sleep and wake up the next day to do the same thing, life shouldn't be lived like that, you should be able to find a way to do something everyday that just makes your day, that makes that day just a little different then the last, and makes it worth remembering, worth talking about. 

People in Europe work to live, and some things that I learned that I thought were so cool were that obviously they have much longer vacations, if they take  a month off, no pasa nada, that's fine, and for example, we rented a car, i learned that in germany when you rent a car, you can drop it off when your done even if there is no one there, leave the keys in the dashboard, and walk away and it is fine because you can trust that nothing will happen, germans have a cultural standard of just being honest, also when you pump gas in germany, and in spain, you pump gas in your car first and then you go inside to pay, they just trust that you will walk in the store to pay, so obviously that is a part of the culture it is a cultural/ social norm that you are not just going to drive away, like you can make a generalization that this is normal that people are trustworthy because this is how they do things here, i mean just so interesting. I've also learned a lot about languages and why certain places speak certain languages and most of that has to do with who they were colonized by but when places get their independence they want to be individuals so they create there own language similar to the official dialect that they already had, just as a way to be individuals and to say in a way we are apart from them, we are our own people which now makes a lot of sense to me and that is why people in europe know so many different languages because a lot of times the languages are avery similar because they came from the same big powers like france, germany, britain but then gained their independence, it's like the villages I saw in Tanzania, Swahili and English were primary languages that all children were taught in school but you would also learn the language of your village and the language of your tribe, which may sound similar with a few similar words but also being very distinct and different. There are just so many different levels but it also brings me to my next point, realization of how much language says about our culture, your culture is distinguished by the your language and your history. But the way you speak says a lot about your culture, it is so cool. Like, for example, here in Sevilla, people talk very slow and at their own pace and then very fast  and with their hands and then they bit their bottom lip when they are saying something that is very like "ay que".., like means" oooh man" like you shake your hand  bit and bit your bottom lip and its like ooh man, its hard to explain but you recognize it, but they talk fast when they are just having a conversation but then will talk slow when they are explaining something or a story, a lot of times i think its like, no hurry, one word, 30 seconds, a sentence, and they will pause and keep going just because theres no hurry, they will never rush you or get flustered with you I love it.

I had a minute to talk a little, but yeah I love it here, have no desire to go home, could stay forever, just having an amazing time, probably the best study abroad experience I could have asked for/ imagined. I think I'm doing everything I could have wanted to do here, I've made a lot of friends and been a lot of places and have improved my spanish like crazy, sometimes I feel more comfortable talking to people in spanish rather than english because of the accents in spanish and english, the people here all know english from ireland or england and sometimes I don't understand words so I have to talk in spanish instead to understand what they are saying, it is really cool, i prefer spanish most of the time because it is so fun to speak, just the language is different you talk different when you talk spanish, you can have a lot of fun I can't explain it I just like it a lot more.

Sorry I didn't proof read I just wanted to get something up..

See yaaaaa

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