Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"You must do the thing (s) you think you cannot do"??

Mom you are going to kill me but i dont regret anything

I PLANNED my trip to Gran Canaria alone, if I would have told you sooner you would have freaked
 I think it's something everyone should try
 Sorry I'm not sorry :)

Day one of Gran Canaria,

I arrived in Gran Canaria about 1am and had no idea where I was, I knew I was going to have to take a bus to Las Palmas but I had a different idea of where it was I thought it would be like a 5 minute ride bus turned out the bus I was súpose to take wasn’t running anymore so I asked around and there was one other bus that would go passed Santa Catalina which was my stop so I just took that bus and then took another bus to Santa Catalina and then from there I took a taxi to my hostel because it was 2 am and I still didn’t know where I was, the taxi ride was about 5 minutes and then he dropped me off, i got in without a problema and everyone in the hostel was very nice it was a friday night so everyone wanted to go out but i think they were waiting on me to get there so i put down my staff, the girls got some wine and then we went to a club about 5 minutes away from the hostel. It was pretty fun it was cool that it was my first night and i was still able to see some things, we stayed there for a while and then it just got really hot and people started to leave so we Left and went home, it was still about 70 degrees outside at 5 am! Lol soooo nice.

Let me add that at no point on this trip did I feel nervous or anxious or scared, not once, I think it helped that we traveled so much in the past few weeks, I feel like  a pro now. 

First full day in Las Palmas

Went to the Beach to soak up the sun, weather was Amazing and then i took a bus to the other side of town, the old part of town, becuase i heard they had a lot of cool things to see there, found the house of christopher colon (Columbus) and the church some other cool stuff kind of just walked around a bit to explore. 

clear water

old part of town:

his home: Christopher Colombus 
Hero in Spain

I want one of these

just cleaning up with a leaf broom

walking on water?

in love with this shot


live band

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