Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Day in Las Palmas

Hostal Time: El Warung

One of my favorite hostal's so far


Breakfast Table




Living Room, Common Area

Breakfast Time

Staff was amazing and very helpful, laid back and it was in a great location, I would highly recommend
this Hostal to who ever is traveling to Las Palmas, they also have another hostal in the mountains or caves I believe which would be very pretty I'm sure.

From the day that I got there until the day that I left everyone was very nice and very helpful

Leaving the Island

Before I left obvi: haha

Train Station at Santa Catalina


Round abouts are all over europe on big streets and they are sooo helpful when you are driving because if you missed a sign or if you are not sure about something you can just go back around until you know where you are going

lunch on the beach




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