Sunday, October 7, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

So, I've been crazy busy lately, getting involved in a lot of things here sorry I haven't been updating as much, here are a few things I did this week, trying to get a littler touristy and see the famous parts of Sevilla we have some beautiful buildings here. 

Taking it in:

 Arches at Plaza de Espana

Tile on the walls, the basics..

Spending time in the park; below is a what used to be used as a library, were the selfs are were books and people would check them out, sit down and just read for the day, classy haha

People here pay to feed the birds lol ripoff? 

Museo de arte; one of the more famous building in Seville

 At las setas, at night

Some peaceful assembly-ing 

  La Alcazar en Sevilla, when ever the royal family comes to visit, this is their crib.

A little excitement for the kids at home,

This would be my friend Elenor, eating a kangaroo burger.. 
when in Spain right?.. Do what the Australians do...

At the festival, there were walk ons... Elenor and Emily back right.

This guy....

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