Monday, October 22, 2012

Prague with mama

Sorry doing as much as I can but we had a great time, Mom was very emotional here, a lot of stories, history, food, dances reminded her of her mom, our family is from Czech Republic. Great to see the traditions and culture here

4 hours on train from Berlin

Prague country side beaaaaauuuuttiful!

in front of national museum of Prague

happy happy girl to be in Praha!


mom was so happy to see that Bohemia really does exist, no one believed her but it is the historic name of Czech Republic it is now a region divided by 3 countries, but yeah this is where we are from :)


Charles bridge at night, exploring

Finally got to my Lennon Wall!!! the object of this entire trip, although i must admit it wasn't all i thought it would be, a lot smaller and people right happy birthday and things like that not what i was looking for

made my mark!

views from Prague Castle

moms jump....

my jump!

they just vacuum the streets, no big deal..

Traditional soup, something with a G, with meat and potatoes, delisshhh

clock of disciples


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