Monday, October 22, 2012

Berlin with my mom

Sorry the next few blogs are going to be very short or only pictures, I have midterms coming up and traveling a lot, not much time to post, but trying to keep everyone updates as much as I can, Love you all, hope all is well at home!

Brandenburg Gate


Berlin wall behind us ..whats left

Standing in west and east Berlin


one of the twin cathedrals

and the other 

Sachsenhausen Memorial (main entrance: station A where prisoners were checked in)

"Hard work will set you free" a way to taunt prisoners as they walked in, giving them hope that if they worked hard they would get out, once they got in they realized this would never happen, there were no successful escapes from this camp but thousands were killed here either by being worked to death, starved, beaten or suicide

the time the prisoners, what was left of them, were released 

uniform, everyone wore the same thing, had their head shaven, names taken away from them, given a number instead and a color triangle to say what type of prisoner they were, jewish, criminal, political, homosexual, jehovah witness, this was a way to humiliate and dehumanize them to gain psychological control.

where bodies where cremated

before people were killed they would be told they were going to the doctor to get a check up but it was all to see if they had fill ins for cavities, silver, anything that would give them worth, if they did or didn't they would be marked with an x or an o once they were killed they people would know which bodies to remove the silver from. 

where bodies where stored

berlin wall

famous german soup

train station

hitlers bunker

where Einstein taught

makes click sound for people who are blind to know when to walk

where Michael Jackson held his baby over the ledge of the window

Bye Bye Berlin!

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