Sunday, October 14, 2012

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This is the Plaza de espana it is so big. it is where every countries government was represented.

Just trying to let you see the size its a big half circle

Their are boats you can rent to paddle the half circle of water 

Everything here is tile or marble

This fair had everything from everywhere Russia, morraco,italy, it even had an american stand with budwieser and Duffy Beer?  Never heard of it, Amelia said it is from the Simpsons.  So America is represented by the Simons???? so sad

There are statues everywhere

This is the bike lane, there are on every street, any there are many bikes I have learned to stay out of their lane.  I mean it every single street has this for bikes

Another pic of Plaza de espana, there are also horse drawn carriges everywhere

Plaza de Espana, when we went there were also two different brides taking pictures there

More Plaza de Espana

Plaza de espana

This what the ground looks like in front of the Plaza de Espana

In front of the Plaza these little spaces are were the different countries are identified

Apparently in that thing to the left of me is were books were so you could read about that country as you can see further to the left of me is another countries area

Just another pic of the countries area

We tried twice to go the the beach at Cadiz, lots to see there but the train always ran too late

Another pic of the map

Inside the actual building of the Plaza de espana it reminded me of our white house, I was touching the tile on the front of the stairs

Everything is tile

Inside the Plaza de espana building

Kids on a field trip at the plaza de espana,  but check out the ceiling

More of the tile this is still at the plaza de espana each of the little bridges has this

Margarita pizza, first thing I had to eat, food very different, lots of tapa, so far none good to me guess I am too Amerian.  Lots of sprite for me my tummy does not like to travel. But once I find food I can eat tummy feels better

This was inside a very fancy hotel here forgot the name, hopefully you will see pic of maid and big party.

Stairs at the fancy hotel, again tile

                                            At the fancy hotel in Seville more tile

                                    Wedding reception, check out how fancy the ladies are

                                    Same fancy hotel more pics of the wedding, they go all out with dressing                

                                       hallway in fancy hotel

                                          One of the maids at the hotel, new look for maids at Hilton?

Entrance to fancy hotel wish I could remember name
oh yeah.....heres the name below

Outside entrance to fancy hotel

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