Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Even if you stumble, you're still moving forward".

First week of school

I woke up on the first day of school, a bit nervous to say the least, I still had no idea what classes I was going to take, where they were or exactly what time they would be. My horario, Schedule, has been ridiculous this week, I've gone to as many as 6 classes in one day to try and find some good fits, I have until Friday to give my advisers here the complete list of the classes I want to take. 

  • 9AM be at CIEE office to talk to advisers about what classes I plan on taking, mind you I switched out of Advanced Liberal Arts last Friday so I had to restart the whole enrollment process on Monday, met all my new advisers, found out the new dates for all my new travel excursions, and all the new classes that may be offered to me. 
Monday: The first class that I planned on getting into was at the University of Sevilla, I walked over about two hours ahead of time so I wasn't "that girl" that walked into class late. They had told me that there are some professors that will lock the door so if you are not in time, you aren't going to class, period. From CIEE I walked up the street, through the park, across the street and to the front entrance of my school, iPod on, swagg in my walk haha, and a smile on my face thinking about how I had no idea where my class was. This is the thing about class rooms at the university, they make no sense. There are three patios that you walk through from the entrance to get to the anthropology classes, you can go right or left or upstairs. I walked right and asked a girl if she knew where the number of the class was, XXIII, she said she wasn't sure but maybe down the hall, I walked down the hall, down the hall in the opposite direction, up the stairs, down the stairs. Wrong. Okay my explanation, the classrooms go 1,2,18,VII,34,200,5. Yeah, no sense. I finally walked over to the International Student Office and they told me exactly where my class would be, yeah Salva made sure we all knew where to find that office ha for good reasons. I had about a hour until my class would start so I rewrote my schedule, put events in my calender, went to the bathroom, where I actually saw someone I knew which was a cool feeling, I told her about how lost I was she said it was her 5th year and she still doesn't know where anything is, kind of like a don't worry, no one knows. They are not consecutive, but basically all the Roman Numerals are the classrooms for the same estudio, like all Roman Numeral class rooms on the left are Sociology Class rooms or all the regular numbered class rooms on the right are Arabic class rooms, so yeah I mean it is a bit difficult.

Trying to take a picture of the classroom without anyone noticing.. 

I won't bore you with how all my classes went but I am pretty happy I will finalize everything this week, not much else has been new, I've just been trying to figure out school, classes transferring back to SMC and classes in Mexico not clashing with what I have now, everyone at SMC has been amazing with getting back to me in a timely matter and not just leaving me hanging, I think I have my schedule down perfect for the rest of this year and for next year, and I have officially declared my Bachelors in Global Justice and my two minors in Psychology and Spanish, I have just enough room for everything I am supper excited! Time really flies! I graduate next year and I'm off!

Here is a little iSpy, 
I walk through the park everyday, so I look around a lot, I'm not a creep lol


This is where they use to display the cut off heads of people that disobeyed the law


They love them some Washington Irving let me tell you

In the center of the park

30 euro for a year and you can use a bike whenever

Just because? :)

I think this picture just looks like a movie set, like that's all I think of.

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