Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sevilla is taking my identity!

Tratando de 'fingir' a una Sevillana?
Who Am I???

I'm just going to list off things Sevilla has made me do in the past two weeks:
  1. Eat Pork
  2. Eat Chicken
  3. Eat Meatballs
  4. Eat Ham
  5. Eat Mushrooms
  6. Drink Cafe
  7. Dress nice and walk around for hours in 98 degree weather
  8. Stay out till 7AM
  9. Spend money on cerveza
  10. Brush my hair...EVERYDAY!
(Drinking a cold Frap at Cafe de India, studying for a test)
What is this I'm loosing my identity! lol 
I have eaten more meat here in the past two weeks than I would have in a year at home, its ridiculous!
All to keep my padres happy because they get frustrated when they don't know what to cook me. Most food here in Seville is meat, or fishy food.
My host dad said he is going to try to make me gain 10 pounds before I leave. Great.  So I just wanted to make that clear I am eating meat and I want the whoooole world to take notice, I've always wanted to stop being a vegetarian because it has always been hard to go out being one, sooo maybe when I get home I will eat meat by choice. Who knows? haha

Things in my day:

How cool would I look on this, lets be honest.

 My trip to the super mercado
 Mom I have done nothing but surround my self with books, of course ;)
Found this church on my way to school this morning, had some amazing art.

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