Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PROJECT X!!! & an update

We survived the "Campo". Out of about 200 people we were the only Americans. 
Integration 101

My friends called it Project "equis" and I will admit it was pretty epic. We made so many friends and had such a great time, learned how to party like the spaniards- party started at 11AM ended at 6 AM the next day- we were exhausted!! One of my most memorable nights for sure. 

My feet on a daily basis: naaaaasty
That's what happens when you sleep in the desert! haha

Daily Life:


Momma I want one, Smuggle one on the plane for me only 10 euro :)


Road I take to get to CIEE everyday

Walk from my house

My life...


 Met Pedro last night, one of my intercambios, supper chill, we walked around places I would get lost at and he helped me figure out where I was and to find street names lol I think I'll meet him like once a week, he corrects me alllll the time too which is good so I can actually know when I'm messing up its like after school grammer class lol I meet Natalia my other intercambio this week too, gonna start playing soccer here with some locals too, once I get my schedule for classes I'm going to commit to weekly volunteering at an NGO and "soup kitchen" in my area, and omg best news of the week...... we get BONES here!!! I mean sure it's in Spanish but I'll take it how I get it my favorite show, I still have to tell Jacq about it. I watch movies, news, Dr. Phil shows, soccer games, everything in Spanish and I try to listen to all Spanish music but sometimes, my boy Mayer has to get played or Coldplay but other than that! Everything Espanol from now on! And also my computer time is being cut, it messes with my Spanish toooo much, so sorry mom, Jess and anyone else reading the blog but Ill try to blog weekly but the whole writing/ thinking in English..even for an hour.. I start forgetting my vocab and I don't know I like dis-improve once I start writing or speaking in English so just so you know. 

Oh and other cool stuff met this lady today at a store and we were talking and she could tell by my accent I was somehow taught by or in Mexico because she was from Mexico City so she was like anything you need let me know I can show you around or if you want to know where to go for something just come and see me her name is Lorena. She works right across the street from school so its sweet and I loooove the store she works at already spent soo much there but totally worth it some of the prettiest art I've seen here thus far. Taking mom there when she gets here. And just saying she's from Mexico and she was totally like yeah when I first got here I didn't understand anything it was so hard, like it took her a while, and I am doing decent so that made me feel waaay better about me having problems. 

Oh and "my mom" here is finally letting me do the dishes which is cool, like I really live here now. I feel bad because she really comes home for lunch, cooks for me, cleans and then goes back to work, so I feel bad when she does everything but sometimes its just like she won't let me do dishes at all. And hopefully next week I'll cook something for my padres, thinking tacos because I haven't found a mexican anything this whole time...CRAVING!.. (hint, hint in december meet me at airport with Albertos on Robinhood, even if it is all sogey and gross from the 2 hr drive) lol

And soooo many people smoke cigs here.. bleh so gross!! They will really smoke right in your face like while talking to you its gross, I feel so bad one of my friends lives with people that smoke and she's always saying she's grossed out by her own stench lol 

I am away this weekend on a retreat for school with the Advanced Liberal Arts Program, not exactly sure what the plan is for that but we will see.. ALSO.. my familia invited me to go to Huelva with them because they have family there so I think that might be next month.. FUUUN and they have a beach house in Cadiz that I think we might go to possssibly as well, very excited to see Southern Spain. Also,  traveling to Portugal and Morocco in October, not sure on dates but mom you should let me know if you were trying to go to Portugal too and I will wait to go till you come, try and figure all of that out!

And this is for Leo... I am determined on living off 100 dollars a month and will be keeping that goal so HA! livin on a budget HOOOLLLLLAAAAA!
Don't worry though you and Jay will still be getting presents from your lovely sister :)

Love you alllll! 

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