Monday, September 10, 2012

Mi Familia Española

Left to right: Mi papa- Eduardo, Mi abuelito- Jose,
Mi abuelita- Rosario, Mi mama- Socorro, y luego mi sobrino y mi hermano.

Gram and Gramps have been married for 54 years. They are supper funny together,
Gramps gets a little grumpy sometimes with grama but she doesn't really care. ha I 
love them so much they crack me up. Grams is 84, Gramps is 82 but he still
tells her shes old all the time and says shes lucky she got him haha.

Grampa always coughs really loud and listens to the tele at full blast and he hits my sobrino
with his cane lol. 

I just learned a few days ago that I have two hermanos mayores, this is one of them
the other also lives in Sevilla and has a little boy and a little girl.

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