Monday, September 10, 2012

Vida Libre

The Cathedral 

  • I started my intensive session today, it lasts two weeks. Today we started on vocab, here in Spain they use totally different vocab then we do in the U.S. and South America. In fact a lot of words you would think are the same have completely different meanings, "falsos amigos" they call it. I have already messed up with one meaning it was really bad, ha but it is nice to start learning and we are also learning common terms used here like how to order food or buy groceries. I start school on the 24th but I am still figuring out whether or not I will be at the Universidad or at CIEE, my goal is to get all the classes I want at the Universidad but I have to make sure they transfer correctly and will count for my major, luckily I created my own major and can change the requirements haha soo hopefully i'll figure it all out soon. I am working closely with faculty at SMC to make arrangements. Faculty here is also very helpful and they know the Universidad system very well.

  • One of the cool things here is that they are very interested in our upcoming election, our election is on the news here and in the news paper as well. They are really curious as to what I think about candidates and what is going on, me and my señora talk politics every day at lunch and we watch the news in the kitchen. Most of the stuff we watch is televised from Madrid but supper interesting and it is nice to be able to see what is going on around here. My dad here gets really into the politics, its so fun at dinner when we talk politics everyone gets loud and puts their hands up its great. My dad here reminds me of dad at home when he talks about politics, I just like to listen. 
  • Side Note: Today was great someone thought I lived here for real and asked me for directions. ooh yeah starting to learn my way around here, I refuse to use a map so sometimes I take a wrong turn or get lost but usually it is not to hard to find a main road and start over again, also a lot of times these roads take you in a big circle so you end up right back where you started. But I finally know my way to school at CIEE and to the Universidad, which turn out to be supper close together, like 2 blocks away from each other when I had thought they were on opposite sides of the city haha.  
Also I finally got my Mobil!! 
It is a piece of crap but it was cheap ha


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