Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello All! This is my attempt at being technologically advanced and keeping in touch with everyone. I have been in Sevilla for five days now, and I am absolutely in love. I've been learning that I am very adaptable and can really fall in love with a lot of different places, I just love different cultures and I love seeing how others live. Life in Sevilla is very laid back. Everything is tranquilo. Very city like- most people use public transportation and walk everywhere because everything is pretty close together. There is also just so much beauty in this city, I'm usually not that into architecture, but it is so hard not to just look around and be in awe. There is so much detail and color and life behind these buildings. This is from experience, a city that runs on a 24 hour basis. How do they do this and still stay so Tranquilo? Well, they take a "Siesta", a midday nap. People come home from work, close down stores, restaurants, and go home to sleep, usually from around 2:30-5:00 and then they either hang out or go back to work and finish off the day. It is so funny to see how easy going people are here. Work never comes home, work is for living, for being able to maintain the lifestyle they have and that is it. Work would never become someones life. They do what they can to enjoy life and live without any worries.

From what I have experienced in my time abroad, in Europe and in Africa, is that people have a better concept of what life should be like and they have a better idea of what is more important and what is needed to really survive in order to live a happy life. In the states we have such a high dependency on consumerism and that you always need more, or the newest thing to be comfortable or content with life.
In many other places, people live on basics, smaller homes, public transportation, less appliances because they are more of a luxury than anything else. Here you are to only turn on a light when you are in that room, when you leave you turn it off, there is no air conditioning in apartments, there are fans and blinds, when you take a shower you take 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes, if you have your laptop  charging, you unplug it when you leave. That doesn't mean that anyone is suffering, or life is unbearable. It means that you take 3 minutes before you leave to make sure all lights are turned off and any electrical devices are unplugged and put away. After doing it about the second time it becomes habit and a part of your daily routine. You begin to realize how many things are unnecessary in your life and things that you could change to make better and more efficient in your everyday life.

I've gotten my self lost a couple of times now, and it is always a tad bit rewarding to recognize a local bar or shop and suddenly know exactly where you are. People here are very nice and very welcoming, always wanting to practice their english and find out where you are from and what your name is. I have not had a moment of feeling like I was in trouble, although I stay alert and aware I am very comfortable with where I am living and what is around me. It is very nice to be living in such a lively city because even walking around at 2 am, 4 am, 6am, there are always other people out doing the same thing.

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